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Many web design companies specialise in design OR web programming OR search engine optimisation OR web business development.

However, to be successful online you need to consider all of these areas together and the same time. For example, the best looking site in the world is useless if it’s not on the first page of Google® for your key searches. A site designed for search engines will rise the top quickly and will save you significantly in advertising spend. A search engine could produce you 1000 visitors per day, that could have an effective cost of £250,000+ in terms of pay per click adverts.

If your site doesn’t look high quality it becomes harder to give visitors the confidence to enter their credit card details and make a payment to you. Just like the real world, you are going to spend less in a store if it looks a mess and provides a low quality service.

A mobile phone site such as d8mate (an online dating site) has to use a lot of web programming skills. Every mobile phone is different and even phones with the same screen size behave differently. Something as simple as a scroll bar on a desktop computer needs careful consideration on a mobile handset.

Finally, you need to squeeze every drop of potential out of your site. This could be adding viral marketing methods into the site to aid growth or it could be fine tuning the sales message to increase conversion rate from visitor to paying customer.


A web business is more than just design, you need to consider design, programming, search and sales as a single entity.