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Audio / music composition

Professional audio and music services

We have partnered with Loudon Hench to provide you with a professional service for all your audio and music media requirements including the following services.

Audio/music consultancy and direction
If you need a complete audio solution, consultation and advice or just a few sound effects, we can help.

Sound design
We love to source, record, synthesise and manipulate sounds. From realistic, foley effects to abstract, emotive stings. Any sound imaginable. That said, the odd unimaginable sound isn’t out of the question either.

Original music composition
We pride ourselves on our ability to write, play and produce music to a world class standard in almost any genre. We’re equally comfortable scoring an epic orchestral piece, laying down some smooth jazz, thrashing out some metal, dreaming up some ambient or banging out a grimy dubstep wobbler.

Dialogue recording and editing
Dialogue/voice-over recording, editing and post production. We can also assist with script writing, casting voice talent and localisation.

Midi transcription and note tracking
We are highly experienced at transcribing music to MIDI data. This includes both accurately reproducing music as well as gameplay ‘notetracking’ for music video games.

Mixing and mastering
Mixing and mastering complete our range of services. All of our original music is delivered mixed, mastered and ready to use. We can also mix and/or master your own music.