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Business card design

Getting the right design for your business cards is critical to give the right impression. The online dating website needed a card that explained what the site did but it also had to be eye catching. The distribution of the card also influenced the design.The card is handed out in the street and left in nightclubs and bars. The card is very pleasing to the eye and it looks like a miniature iphone with the detailed information about the online dating site shown on the screen. The more appealing the card the more people will take one from a bar and the less people will throw it away when handed one in the street.

The card is made with rounded corners which, again helps the illusion of it being a small mobile phone. The front and back surfaces are coated in high gloss.

iphone business card   iphone business card

Other card designs

Below are some other examples of card designs. The orange Pubtricks card includes an offer code to increase the card to website visitor rate. The gray PseudoTUBE card is designed for affiliate marketing and has an empty offer code box which allows affiliates to enter their tracking details. This extends an affiliate system to offline marketing.

video business card         magic tricks business card


We can design, print and ship your business cards based on your existing brand or work with you to develop a new brand.