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Use this system to run your own business.

Return on investment your clients

Directory systems for professional businesses can earn significant income. Taking the legal sector for example, web based advert clicks could cost a solicitor in the UK up to £5 per click. If you can offer them a directory listing for just £15 per month and they only get 4 clicks per month you have already offered them a much better return.

Return on investment yourself

A dm³ Directory System will cost you £500 for the set up (one time payment) and then you take 75% of all income generated through your site. Hosting and feature updates are handled for you. The following table gives you an idea on your return, this includes the set up fee and the 75% / 25% revenue split. It shows how revenue increases as your client base increases over a 5 year period with a cost to each client of £15 per month.

# of clients per year Profit / client Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Total
5 £11.25 £175 £850 £1,525 £2,200 £2,875 £9,625
10 £11.25 £850 £2,200 £3,550 £4,900 £6,250 £19,750
25 £11.25 £2,875 £6,250 £9,625 £13,000 £16,375 £50,125
50 £11.25 £6,250 £13,000 £19,750 £26,500 £33,250 £100,750
75 £11.25 £9,625 £19,750 £29,875 £40,000 £50,125 £151,375
100 £11.25 £13,000 £26,500 £40,000 £53,500 £67,000 £202,000

Limited number of systems

This is not a system that will be offered to 1000s of people. Each site is hand finished and we work with you to ensure your business grows. We help you decide the specialist areas and bespoke splash graphics and icons as well as adverts which you can use for extra income during your start up phase. But most importantly we can guide you through the best way to launch your business.

Selecting a market

Pick a UK sector that has high fees. You don’t have to be based in the UK yourself to sell to the UK market. You can make a directory for the entire country or just a region. Some ideas of high paying sectors are:

  • law
  • finance
  • dentists
  • property

Example site

Have a look at a fully working site to really understand the features. Visit London Solicitor to get started and see how this niche market of London and Solicitors has been combined.Check the profile pages for the clients. You will see how a profile is actually a mini website, offering a contact form, map, profile description and even links to social networks.


If you would like to start your own directory service then get in touch, you may own an exiting site that a complementary directory would be an ideal way to expand your services.