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Mobile phone web design

Designing a website for mobile phones adds a lot of new dimensions. On one hand the general design and layout is much simpler for the small screen but the challenge occurs when the screen size can change from handset to handset as well as the browsers. Some phones allow you to use your fingers for navigation and some use a pointer or stylus. A simple button needs to be big enough for a finger but small enough that it works on a small screen.

Our mobile phone websites use automatic device detection. If a visitor uses their computer, they see a ‘normal’ website, if they use their mobile, they see the ‘mobile’ version. This keeps things simple for your marketing. No need to advertise 2 seperate web addresses!

We also give the visitor the control to adjust the screen size. Not only does this change the font size, but it also renders the screen with different layouts. Mobile handsets also have limited use of Flash and Javascript so it’s critical to use pure HTML for maximum support of multiple handsets.

What can we do for you?

Below are some ways that we can help you with mobile web development:

  • adding a mobile version to your existing site
  • making interative web apps

Contact us to discuss your own personal requirements.