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Search engine optimization [SEO]

Do you want your site to be at the top of Google®? Most people pay for adverts to be listed on the first page. This can be very expensive, you may be charged £1 per click. So a busy site could cost you £500 per day, which is a massive £182,500 per year!

Our service

We will monitor your sites current key word placements and then provide you with a document of recommendations to help you increase your search engine traffic. All our methods are designed to be cost effective, we know the secrets to top search engine placement without spending anything! It can all be done with site modifications and a little bit of hard work.

Test case

We designed a site for John Alexander-Head in the UK. He provides home surveys for people buying and selling property. Advertising costs in the property sector are very expensive. The brief was to get to the top of searches and provide a site that would get the visitors to call the telephone number. In this case the site did not have to be complex. It just has to have a high conversion rate of visitors to phone calls.

Top 10 Google® results on GOOGLE.CO.UK

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Return on investment

Making your site work well with Google® makes great business sense. A well designed site should not have to pay for adverts. This will keep your overheads low and your profits high.


We can help improve an existing site’s search positions or design a site from the very start to rocket it way to the top of the results.