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Website design services at dm3

Here at dm³, we’re happy to provide a comprehensive website design service which is fully customised to your individual requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a simple one or two page personal blog, a fully customised commercial ecommerce site, a complete turnkey website, or anything in-between, we can provide a timely and cost effective solution for you. Our team also specialises in niche interactive websites; from digital content delivery to directory and affiliate websites.

If you know what you’re looking for, why don’t you contact us right away, or visit our quote wizard to get a rough idea of how much your website will cost. Or to get an idea of what we can achieve, why don’t you head over to our portfolio.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

It used to be the case that updating or adding content to a website required you to maintain an expensive update subscription with your website support company.  However at dm³, we work with the latest CMS systems to ensure that you are always in control of your site. Of course you can always come to us if you do need help updating. For more information about the CMS we work with, check out our Joomla and WordPress sub-pages.

Dynamic Websites

We develop websites that do more than display information. Sites that think, adapt, calculate…

There are two very different types of websites. The most common type is a static – information based – website, which can be compared to an online brochure. The second type are smart dynamic sites that allow interaction with the visitor, such an example would be Facebook.

A simple example is shown below.  Although the two pie charts look the same, they’re not. The first is simply a pre-defined ‘dumb’ static image. The second chart however is generated by the web server based on information which the visitor provides. For example, try changing the number to the right of the chart, then click “draw”. The cart will update.

Static ‘Dumb’ Image

Dynamic ‘Smart’ Image

You can immediately see the advantage of a dynamic site; for example; if you want to provide your visitors with online calculators, then a dynamic site is perfect to engage your visitor.

Dynamic site design is a combination of art and computer programming and we have both of these skills in-house. We achieve this functionality via PHP and MySQL programming. Other examples that you may have requirements for are:

  • User login
  • Email list generation
  • Country and language detection
  • Social networking sites