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WordPress History

WordPress originally started in 2003, as a service designed to aid the creation of personal blogs. Since then its usage has grown exponentially, and it’s not the largest blogging tool in the world, and is used on several million websites.

With humble origins as a blogging tool (now in its 3rd major iteration), WordPress has matured into a flexible product with unparalleled ease of use by the end user.

When we recommend using it:

  • If you want a personal or business blog
  • If you want a basic to intermediate website
  • If you want the best value website solution
  • If you want a site which you can easily update yourself

When we don’t recommend using it:

  • If you want an advanced website
  • If you are looking for a heavily customised website
  • If you’re looking to have your site in more than 2 languages

Our WordPress Packages:

We have a variety of WordPress website design and hosting packages available to you, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Our WordPress Sites:

At dm³, we have developed several successful WordPress websites; just visit our WordPress Portfolio HERE to check them out.