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Purchase hosting from us

We currently have 7 hosting accounts for sale. We limit the number to provide personal help and support and to ensure server speed. We understand the server speed is one of the most important aspects for your visitors, this will encourage them to read more pages and visit again and again. The more page views your blog has, the more advert impressions which results in more revenue.

Payment options

You may purchase your managed WordPress hosting in any of the following units of duration, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.  You can pay with either a credit card or Paypal, both methods are 100% secure. Or hosting package and turnkey set-up is priced at £6.50 per month (about $9.95).

  • 3 months = £19.50
  • 6 months = £39.00
  • 12 months = £78.00

How to pay

Simply visit our Pay A Bill page, select your payment option and enter the amount and invoice number. Use your email address as your invoice number and add WordPress Hosting to the beginning. For example, if your email address is and your which to purchase 12 months then:

Invoice number = WordPress Hosting

Amount = 78.00

Next steps

Once you have purchased your hosting the next step is to purchase your domain name. Please follow our domain name tutorial to ensure you make an informed selection. When you have both your domain name and hosting we can create your site and send you all the login details so you can get started. With every purchase you will be give the contact details of someone who can support you getting started, this is a personal service to ensure everything is as easy as possible.


Your site cannot contain any adult content and must not break any laws. Offenders will have their account removed without warning and no refunds will be made.