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Check out who did what in the creation of the dm³ homepage.
Server configuration:  . David
SSL certificates:  . . . David
HTML / PHP:  . . . . . . David
MySQL (MariaDB): . . . . David
Graphics:  . . . . . . . David
Tea and coffee:  . . . . David
David had to do it all, in fact it's David who is typing this right now into Coda 2 editor on his iMac:

'Hello visitors!'
Instead of typing about myself I decided to address you directly as it's never good to start talking to yourself. I hope you like the homepage and our online dating sites. I have made this site clean and simple to use and it also runs very quickly. Thank you for visiting and please tell people about or dating brands. It's very competitive out there and we have to complete with some really naughty rule benders. If you like your dating site to respect your privacy and be open and honest then stick with us.