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This page contains general information for our dating sites. More specific information can be found on the site that represents each of our brands / products. Visit our portfolio page and click on a brand.


Passwords often raise questions, these have be split into sections.

Sign up password not arrived
Our systems will not fail to send your password details but there can always be an issue with the delivery of the email. Some email providers will block, send to spam or even delete our messages we send to you. If your password doesn't arrive in your inbox or spam folder within 15 minutes of signing up you will need to use another email address. We recommend, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Live, iCloud. We do not recommend, email, GMX, AOL.

Forgot password
We all forget our passwords from time to time. All our sites have a reset password option of their login pages. This will email you a unique link which will enable you to reset your password. Remember this reset email may end up in spam or get deleted before you see it. Please read 'sign up password not arrived' above.

Forgot email
Yikes! You cannot remember your email address? You will have to enter all your addresses into the forgot password system and check all your inboxes. Failing that you will have to create a new dating account.

We don't know your password
Please don't contact support and ask what your password is. We have no idea. It's not that we're stupid, it's that all passwords are encrypted and would take about one thousand years of guessing to work out what it is. We simply cannot spare that amount of time.

Deleting your account

If you wish to leave any of our sites we are okay with that. We don't hang on to your details like some other companies. When you delete, all data is gone in about 0.2 seconds so make sure you really want to delete as it cannot be undone. BUT, don't call us and shout, 'DELETE MY ACCOUNT'. Anyone could call and ask that so you have to delete it yourself, all sites have a settings menu and a delete account option.

Profile pictures

Our latest sites, such as ooOo® make profile pictures super easy as they have automatic face cropping, just make sure you upload a picture that has your face and you are not hiding yourself with a scarf, shades and a fake beard. Our other sites have a manual crop tool. We only accept face pictures so if you upload something else and we reject it (and we will) then don't get upset. We run dating sites where people want to see who they are talking to. If you're shy or don't like your appearance then don't worry about it, the most important thing to do in a profile picture is smile :)