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Press kit for dm³

  • Why should you write about dm³?
  • What makes us different to others?
dm³ focuses on quality, ethics, privacy and security. We operate within an industry that often has negative press. We strive to be different. As our portfolio is predominantly free we have no incentive to manipulate data and our users.

10 interesting dm³ facts

  • We have over 1.3 million dating users
  • We own 88 domain names
  • David can do the Rubik's® cube in 90 seconds
  • We're ethical and play by the rules
  • Someone new joins our dating network every 20 seconds
  • Our sites are faster than 98% of all other sites
  • dm³ was founded on the 21st December 2006
  • Selcen can do 60 press ups
  • 3 private messages are sent every second
  • Only 0.01% of visitors read the cookie policy

Media [click to download]

logo 1
Logo (light)
logo 2
Logo (dark)
data privacy infographic
Data privacy
hugs infographic
Hugs (English)

All media and press releases on this page can be used without prior permission from dm³. If you need more information or would like a quote / interview from dm³ please contact us.