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100% free dating

Online dating software development

dm³ specialised in software development for online dating website sites and dating apps. We develop, operate a run our own private portfolio of products.

Broad portfolio of markets

Our dating sites cover a wide range of countries, primarily, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India. We provide sites for general mainstream dating, casual dating and alternative dating.

Websites and apps

dm³'s products support multiple device types, from traditional websites, mobile websites, native apps and hybrid apps.

Speed and usability

We're obsessed with performance and try to squeeze every bit of speed from our sites and servers. If a database query takes longer than 0.02 seconds then we recode it and try again and page load times must be sub 1 second.

Ethics and integrity

The online dating industry is awash low standards when it comes to ethics and user privacy. From basic manipulation such as claiming a site is free when it's not to more aggressive tactics such as producing fake profiles to encourage male members to upgrade to a paid service. At dm³ we pride ourselves in being open and direct with our members and not abusing their trust.

User privacy

The privacy of our members is essential as our members make our business. We collect minimal user information and automatically delete inactive users and old conversation data. Additionally all user accounts must be confirmed or they are automatically removed.

Cyber security

We follow best practices and update our code to help protect our members. For example, we never store your passwords in plain text. Our dating code is written in-house, no 3rd party code is used which can often be the source of a security issue.